When Is the Fishing Season for Chinook Salmon in Alaska?

When Is the Fishing Season for Chinook Salmon in Alaska?

We’ve already covered halibut fishing in Alaska, including what you should wear, the best places to go, and the best times to go. But here at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, we also pride ourselves on our Chinook Salmon. Also called King Salmon, we know May and June as the “Trophy King” season.

What Are Trophy Kings?

Chinook Salmon are also referred to as King Salmon. During the peak months of May and June, when the salmon are returning from the sea to spawn, they are at their maximum weight. This is the time when people come to Alaska to catch 50+ pound chinook salmon. These fish are chrome bright and prolific in Alaskan waters during these months.

Are Chinook Salmon Only Able To Be Caught During May and June?

Definitely not! Chinook, or King, Salmon can be caught throughout the summer months. We catch Chinooks in July as well, along with a whole variety of fish, including halibut, ling cod, gray cod, yellow eye, and black bass!

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How Do You Catch Chinook Salmon?

If you join us here at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, you will troll for chinooks using downriggers and herring bait. Downriggers consist of a horizontal pole, from which a weight is suspended at the depth of the fish we are hoping to catch. The fishing line is then attached to the weight and towed behind the boat so that it runs level to the weight, and stays at the desired depth.

What Makes Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge so Great for Salmon Fishing?

Our base in Old Harbour on Kodiak Island, Alaska allows us to provide a unique and unforgettable fishing experience. We offer truly all-inclusive packages for fishing chinook/king salmon as well as halibut and many other species. You’ll stay in our cozy, rustic lodge, enjoying local food prepared by our outstanding Alaskan chefs. We provide all your waterproof clothing, tackle, bait, food, and drinks and we’ll take you out at prime time to catch those “Trophy Kings”. Once you’ve landed your fish, we process and package them for you, with boxes for taking your catch on the plane included in the price. We ensure that you get 8 hours of fishing per day and take care of all your licenses and local taxes so you can focus on landing that once-in-a-lifetime King!

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