Where Is the Best Halibut Fishing?

Where Is the Best Halibut Fishing?

The answer to that question is simple, Alaska!

Don’t just believe us though, just ask the International Game Fish Association! Alaska holds the record in every IGFA category for Pacific Halibut, except one!

So the real question is, Where’s the best place in Alaska to fish halibut?

Well, Kodiak holds records in more categories than any other place in Alaska, according to the IGFA!

This means Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is perfectly placed for those who fancy trying to land a monster! But what about those anglers who don’t worry about the size of the catch, but who do want to enjoy a relaxing trip among beautiful scenery?

Well, Alaska has that covered too. With an area more than twice the size of Texas, and a population less than that of Rhode Island, there’s plenty of places to relax in peace and quiet. Here we’ll explain a little bit about what makes Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge such a great place to experience the halibut fishing trip of a lifetime.

Why Is Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge the Best Place To Stay While Fishing Halibut?

We are one of the few truly all-inclusive fishing experiences in Alaska. We’ll provide everything you need from meals and snacks, to bait, tackle, and rods. We also provide rain gear, licenses and taxes, and fish processing and the boxes you’ll need to take your catch home! Click here to read more about everything that is included in our halibut fishing packages.

Our lodge has well-appointed rooms with a cozy, rustic feel. At the end of a long day’s fishing out on the water, there’s nothing better than an evening of fine food followed by swapping stories of the day’s catch. Our Alaskan chefs will prepare a wide variety of local cuisine, after which you can retire to the lounge to make use of the satellite television and WiFi. Alternatively, you can enjoy a cocktail in front of the fireplace, looking out over the dramatic landscape of the Sitkalidak Strait.

One of the great reasons you should choose Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the great range of places to visit nearby! Even though the fishing is as secluded as you could want, there’s still plenty to experience! Kodiak has excellent hiking, as well as the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, where you can enjoy viewings of the majestic Brown Bear. You can also visit the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository, where you can learn about the history of Kodiak’s Native peoples.

If you’re interested in fishing for monster halibut in the beautiful setting of Alaska, and having a chance to catch a record beater, you can book your world-class fishing experience on our website!

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