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Things to Do

Kodiak Island – Local Attractions


Kodiak Island is a beautiful place, full of incredible views and an abundance of wildlife. It remains very secluded, having just 7 communities, while being the second largest island in the United States.

One of these 7 communities is Old Harbor, home to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. Other settlements include the villages of Akhiok, Karluk, Larsen Bay, Port Lions, and an unorganized community near Cape Chiniak. Depending on your travel itinerary, you may have the opportunity to visit other parts of the Kodiak Archipelago.

Despite being so secluded, there is still a lot to do and see. Take a look!

Things to do in Kodiak:

The Kodiak Brown Bear Center
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center
Fort Ambercrombie State Park
Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository
Baranov Museum
NOAA Laboratory Aquarium and Touch Tank
Kodiak Island Brewing Company
Java Flats
Old Powerhouse Restaurant
Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant
Olds River Inn Restaurant
Island Air Service

About Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is a sought out destination in Alaska known for abundant sport fishinghunting, and wildlife viewing opportunities.  Kodiak City has the majority of the island’s population. There are seven Kodiak villages – one of them being Old Harbor where Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge resides. The island was discovered by a Russian fur trader in 1763 and the first Russian settlement was in Old Harbor.


Kodiak Island offers stunning wildlife viewing opportunities. The Kodiak bears are healthy and productive on the island, and the bear population is at an all-time high of 3,500. While fishing you may see humpback whales, Orca, Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and Dall’s and white-sided porpoises.  On the island, you will see Sitka black-tailed deer, red foxes, mountain goats, and beaver to name a few.  The island is a host to around 600 wild and free range herd buffalo.

While many destinations on the island can only be reached by plane or boat, Kodiak has a 100-mile road system.  Kodiak Island has many trailheads around its twenty-two lakes and fifteen rivers and streams accessible by road.

Kodiak City offers plenty of tourism opportunities before heading to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.  For example, there is a downtown walking tour to visit landmarks relating to the 1964 tsunami, museums, and small art galleries. Fort Abercrombie provides a fun hike and WWII history.  There are also many flight tours available for visitors.

Old Harbor, home to just over 200 people is where you will find Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. “The community of Old Harbor has its origins in the era of Russian conquest. On August 14, 1784, Grigory Shelikhov with 130 Russian fur traders massacred (see Awa’uq Massacre) several hundred Qik’rtarmiut Sugpiat tribe of Alutiiq men, women and children at Refuge Rock, a tiny stack island off the eastern coast of Sitkalidak Island. In Alutiiq, this sacred place is known as Awa’uq (“to become numb”)”.

So when you come to the lodge, plan time to enjoy everything the island has to offer!

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