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About Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is a Kodiak Alaska fishing lodge located on the southeast side of Kodiak Island in Old Harbor, Alaska. The lodge is nestled behind Sitkalidak Island and was rated the number one fishery in protected waters. We have the best Salmon and Halibut fishing in the world…period! A bold statement but it is true. The waters are filthy rich in candlefish, herring and other bait fish which creates a very productive area for trophy Kings, Silvers, Halibut and Ling Cod. Along with our Kodiak Alaska fishing lodge, we own 4 of the 6 sports fishing boats operated in a 30 mile stretch of protected waters. Fishing is only 15 to 30 minutes from the dock on calm waters which are full of wildlife for viewing while fishing! Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is very comfortable and accommodates up to 16 guests. Included in the package price are delicious meals, snacks, beverages, wine and beer at the lodge, rain gear, lodging, guides, boats, tackle, professional fish processing and round-trip airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor.

We have the best limits in Alaska (per person per day): 2 King Salmon, 2 Halibut, 2 Ling Cod, 5 Silver Salmon, 1 Yellow Eye, 4 Black Sea Bass. If you’ve dreamed of catching that Trophy King Salmon this is the place!

History of Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Did you know that Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge has a rich and storied history? The building was originally a movie theater, built in the 1960s after the 1964 Good Friday earthquake. It later became the local pool hall and diner, the only place that people could gather in the small village of Old Harbor. Despite being the second largest Island in the world, Kodiak is the least populated, making the diner a place of memories for the people who grew up in the village.

In the late 1990s, the locals decided to divide the old movie theater into rooms to create an inn with a small burger joint. Seven local business pioneers also added a fishing operation. By then, visitors could stay, grab a bite to eat, and take a fishing trip with one of the local fisherman that the lodge owners recommended.

After some time, the seven owners added a two-story addition, purchased three new boats, and hired their own guides, at which point the inn became Sitkalidak Lodge. The lodge offered all-inclusive fishing trips to guests until coming under new management. Those who are now the current owners of the lodge heard about the amazing location via recommendation, and that’s how Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge was born!

Fun Facts About Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge has long been an integral part of the Old Harbor community, located right in the old business district near the school and tribe building. Other fun facts include:

  • John Denver stayed in room #10. June 6th 1990
  • Some of the materials used to construct the original building were salvaged from the Kodiak Fisheries, Shearwater Cannery, which was destroyed in the 1964 Good Friday earthquake.
  • Every other year on Labor Day weekend, Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge hosts the Old Harbor Scholarship Foundation Benefit Auction.

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