When Is the Fishing Season for Halibut in Alaska?

When Is the Fishing Season for Halibut in Alaska?

Alaska has prime halibut hunting waters. The state was the site of the catch of the current IGFA world record for Pacific halibut. It also accounts for records in every line class for the species, except one. With all this in mind, you might be wondering when you can get out there to make your own record catch.

When Will the 2020 Season Start?

As yet, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hasn’t declared an official start to the halibut season. Typically, this is released a few days before the start of the season. Last year, the announcement wasn’t made until the day before. The season typically starts in mid-to-late March, but the exact date will probably not be released until a few days prior.

When Are the Best Months To Fish Halibut?

Although the halibut season begins around mid-March, the fish peak later in the year. When this will be can vary depending on location. Prince William Sound, for example, generally has good fishing a little earlier than much of the state, whereas Southeast fish can peak a little later. This is because the fish spawn in deep waters of the continental shelf during the winter and move toward the shallower waters near shore to feed in the summer. During the peak months of June through September, halibut become so plentiful in the shallow waters around Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge that they can even be caught when trolling for king salmon in 30-foot water!

Is There a Good Time of Day To Fish Halibut?

The best time of day to fish for halibut is at either high or low slack tide. This is the period before the tide reverses direction, meaning that there is limited movement of the water. Halibut tend to hunker down in fast-moving water, generally finding calm spots around sea-floor features to rest in, becoming most active during the hour period either side of slack tide. As halibut are bottom-dwelling fish, it is necessary to keep the lure on the seafloor. This is also easier during slack tides.

Why Is Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge so Good for Halibut Fishing?

Based in Old Harbour on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge offers truly all-inclusive packages for halibut fishing. You’ll stay in our cozy, rustic lodge, enjoying local food prepared by our outstanding Alaskan chefs. We’ll take you out in one of our three custom-built catamarans with all your waterproof clothing, tackle, bait, food, and drinks provided. Once you’ve landed your fish, we process and package them for you, with boxes for taking your catch on the plane included in the price. We ensure that you get 8 hours of fishing per day and take care of all your licenses and local taxes so you can focus on landing that monster catch!

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