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Deer Hunting on Kodiak Island: How To Prepare for Hunting Alaska Deer

On Kodiak Island, in southeast Alaska, we proudly boast some of the most pristine wilderness in the United States — and some of the best deer hunts as well. Our rugged landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife make us a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those passionate about hunting.

Among the many hunting opportunities the state offers, deer hunting on Kodiak Island is a particularly exhilarating and rewarding experience. And we should know!

In the following, we’ll explore what you need to know about deer hunting here on Kodiak Island.

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Season and Conditions

Kodiak’s deer hunting season officially opens on August 1st, but our hunting expeditions typically commence from November through mid-December, during which both doe and bucks are fair game.

In addition, this time of year coincides with dropping temperatures, the onset of snowfall in higher elevations, and deer gradually migrating to lower elevations. Bucks are also entering their rutting phase. These unique conditions collectively make it the perfect time for blacktail hunting.

Keep in mind that conditions might change from time to time, so be sure to check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for opening dates.

The Kodiak Island Experience

Kodiak Island is the largest island in Alaska, known for its breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife, and world-class deer hunting. When it comes to deer hunting, Kodiak is famous for its population of Sitka black-tailed deer — a unique subspecies of mule deer. And these deer are prized for their challenging behavior and delicious venison.

At Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, our primary aim is to deliver a top-tier hunting experience in the remote wilderness of Alaska, an opportunity few have had the chance to enjoy. Old Harbor, where we operate, experiences minimal Kodiak deer hunting pressure. This secluded area boasts challenging yet manageable terrain — ensuring your hunting adventure is both demanding and fulfilling.

From the Hunting Base at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Here are a few things to know about how your day begins and ends here at the lodge:

  • Our hunting operations are centered at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.
  • Each morning, we provide a hearty breakfast and transportation to your designated hunting location for the day.
  • After your hunting day concludes, we ensure your safe return to the lodge by picking you up from a pre-arranged spot.
  • At the lodge, you can unwind with a relaxing hot shower and indulge in a delectable Alaskan meal.
  • This cozy evening atmosphere encourages you to share and relish your thrilling Kodiak deer hunting experiences.

Diverse Activities Beyond Deer Hunting

We may have excellent deer hunting opportunities, but make sure you don’t miss out on the other perks Kodiak Island has to offer. Once you’ve successfully harvested your buck, your Alaskan adventure can expand to include various activities:

  • Fox Hunting: Pursue foxes in the pristine wilderness.
  • Duck Hunting: Try your hand at waterfowl hunting, another exciting opportunity.
  • Fishing for Winter King Salmon and Halibut: Bring your fishing license, take advantage of the rich fishing grounds, and try your luck at catching Winter King Salmon and Wild Halibut fishing, adding even more diversity to your Alaskan experience.

Plan Your Deer Hunting Adventure Today With Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

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If you’re a true hunter ready to bag a Sitka blacktail deer and you’re ready for the deer hunting trip of a lifetime, get your hunting license ready and experience the best Alaska has to offer — and come out to bag the trophy buck you’ve been waiting for.

Remember, good deer hunting on Kodiak Island is an understatement. Because out here, we’ve got more than just an ordinary hunting lodge available. From all-inclusive packages to family hunting and fishing trips and many other activities, Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is your prime destination for deer hunting in Alaska.

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