Watch for These 9 Types of Wildlife on Kodiak Island

Exploring the Wilderness of Kodiak Island: Keep Your Eyes Open for These 9 Types of Wildlife

Kodiak Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. While you are likely looking forward to your hunting or fishing trip, there’s a whole lot more to see as you soak up your surroundings in the Alaskan wilderness. Here are some of the types of wildlife you can look forward to spotting while on your trip to Kodiak Island.

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Wildlife on Kodiak Island

As the largest island in Alaska, Kodiak Island has an abundance of wildlife to view. In fact, looking for wildlife is one of the top experiences you can add to your fishing trip. You might not see these wild species from the road system. Still, when you explore the wilderness on your KSL hunting or fishing trips, you might get a chance to see each of the six indigenous mammals, the other animals introduced there, the various sea creatures, and even birds. Here are the nine types of wildlife to look for on Kodiak Island.

1. Bears

One of the most majestic animals on the planet, the Kodiak bear is a sight to behold. They are brown or grizzly bears that live exclusively on Kodiak Island. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, there are roughly 3500 Kodiak bears on the island, with a density of about 0.7 bears per square mile. Brown bears are plentiful in this area of Alaska, but you need to get beyond the roadways to see them.

2. Red Foxes

Red foxes are native to Kodiak Island. Look for a dog-like animal with a white-tipped tail and black stockings. You might also see red foxes with coats in varying colors or with different color patterns, depending on their phase of life.

3. River Otters

River otters live mostly next to the coast but travel across the land from one body of water to another. You’ll see this wildlife on Kodiak Islands high in the mountains.

4. Short-tailed Weasels

The short-tailed weasels, also called ermine, have likely lived among the wildlife on Kodiak Island since before the sea levels rose to their current level. These weasels are hunted for their pelts, which range from pure white in the winter to chocolate brown in the summer.

5. Bats

Bats have been on Kodiak Island for a very long time. Today, the only bat species found on Kodiak Island is the little brown bat.

6. Tundra Voles

Voles are nearly always considered pests, but the voles on Kodiak Island provide an important link in the food chain. Voles are the main prey of red foxes, short-tailed weasels, and others.

7. Deer

Kodiak is the best spot in Alaska to find Sitka blacktail deer. Whether you choose an Alaska Deer Hunting Package or a Fishing Package, you can still take the time to watch for these sleek animals.

8. Sea Creatures

If you venture to the coast, be on the lookout for the abundant sea creatures on Kodiak Island. You’ll find harbor seals, porpoises, whales, and giant sea stars here. When you choose one of our Alaska Fishing packages, you might get the chance to see salmon, halibut, Ling Cod, Grey Cod, Black Bass, and more.

9. Birds

Many types of birds spend their summer or winter on Kodiak Island. Here, you can spot golden-crowned sparrows, fox sparrows, hermit thrushes, Wilson’s warblers, black-capped chickadees, and winter wrens. Alaska’s bald eagle population is thriving, too, so you have a good chance of seeing our national bird in the most spectacular natural setting.

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