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What Makes Halibut Fishing So Great? What You Need to Know

If you’re an avid fisher, an Alaska fishing trip to Kodiak Island offers the experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re planning a solo getaway or a true Alaskan adventure with family or friends, there’s no better way to experience halibut fishing than booking an all-inclusive trip at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.

If you ask most fishermen, halibut is their favorite fish to catch because of how meaty it is. It is one of the largest species of flatfish. And the waters near the lodge are abundant with halibut all year long. If you’re looking for the best halibut fishing experience in Alaska, then you’ll want to book your stay with us right away.

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Halibut Fishing Season in Alaska

If you’re looking to get started on your halibut fishing journey, you came here at the perfect time! Halibut fishing is available all year, but the best time to fish for halibut is from the first of June through mid-September. If you aren’t sure about which location to start in first, don’t worry, we’ve got just the place for you. Water with light currents, such as in the Sitkalidak area, is ideal for catching halibut because of how shallow the water is. Just looking down you will see there is a bountiful amount of them.

Halibut Fishing: Daily Per Person Limit

Another thing to keep in mind if you want to explore Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is that there is a daily per person limit for halibut fishing. The limit is four halibut per person per calendar year. Daily per person limits are two halibut from May through September. If you catch two halibut in one day, only one must be under 28 inches long. Something to note: there is no halibut fishing on Wednesdays.

Take Your Bounty To Go

Towards the end of your exciting, fun-filled day of halibut fishing, we have a fish processor that ensures you caught the catch you wanted and that the halibut is properly cleaned, filleted, and vacuum-sealed so it’s ready to be frozen. Once frozen, they will then be packaged and put in an airline-approved box, that way you can take your catch back home with you.

Alaska Fishing Packages

At Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, we have a variety of fishing packages you can opt-in for to make sure you get the most out of your experience here on this beautiful island. During your halibut fishing trip, we can provide you with expert fishing guides, wildlife viewing opportunities, and some of the quietest waters. You will hardly see any other boats around you.

The halibut fishing package includes:

  • All meals and snacks
  • Soda, juices, and bottled water
  • Lodging
  • Round-trip airfare Kodiak City to Old Harbor
  • Bait, tackle, rod and reels
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • Rubber boots
  • Fish processing to take your catch back home with you
  • A full 8 hours of fishing per day
  • Fishing licenses
  • Taxes

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If you are ready to embark on a fishing trip of a lifetime, book your stay with Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge today! We are located on the southeast side of Kodiak Island in Old Harbor, Alaska. Kodiak Island is an incredible getaway and place to explore all of Alaska’s beauty, wildlife, history, and so much more. We offer some of the best fishing in the world – which is all the more reason to come check out what it is all about.

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