Planning an Alaska Fishing Trip? Head Straight to Kodiak Island - Kodiak Sportsmans Lodge

Planning an Alaska Fishing Trip? Head Straight to Kodiak Island

If you’re looking for an authentic Alaskan experience, Kodiak Island is unbeatable when it comes to scenic ocean and mountain landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities. It is a remote island that can only be traveled to by ferry or plane and is the perfect place to take your next Alaska fishing trip. Spend one day out in the water, and your jaw is sure to drop at what seems to be an endless supply of salmon and halibut. There are also lingcod, sea bass, yellow eye, and gray cod galore. During “Trophy King” season, you can hook in a few big boys that can weigh up to 90 pounds!

Not only are you sure to have the fishing trip of a lifetime, but you’re soon to find that Kodiak Island is also the ideal place to relax and unwind, go exploring, and have a good time with your buddies in a place dripping with natural beauty. While the island’s world-class fishing is surely what first drew you in, you don’t want to miss out on everything Kodiak has to offer.

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Satisfy Your Sense of Adventure

From the moment your plane lands in Kodiak Island, you are guaranteed to be immersed in adventure. Around every corner lies a new experience or sight to see, and you’ll never run out of things to do. You can start your day by catching halibut and eating lunch on the boat and then end your night tasting locally brewed, hand-crafted Alaskan beer from Kodiak Island Brewing Company.

If you have a day or two to spend away from the enticing pull of fish-filled waters, then visit the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge to see native Kodiak brown bears, red foxes, little brown bats, tundra voles, ermine, and river otters. While not native to Kodiak Island, you can also see plentiful Sitka black-tailed deer, mountain goats, reindeer, Roosevelt elk, and snowshoe hares. Kodiak also offers challenging, scenic hiking trails, world-class hunting, museums, and other historical landmarks that are worth going downtown to see. You’ll be surprised to learn about the island’s rich World War II history and enjoy fully immersing yourself in Alutiiq culture.

Take Time To Soak It All in

After a long day of fishing for silvers or exploring all that Kodiak Island has to offer, taking time to simply relax while surrounded by the beauty of nature is the best way to top off your Alaska fishing trip. There are several bars and lounges around the island that can satisfy your tastebuds and allow you to take a break from adventuring for just a little bit.

Or you can enjoy time at your home away from home by sitting at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge fireplace and exchanging stories with other anglers from around the world while sipping on a cocktail. With delicious Alaskan cuisine served by our skilled chefs, you won’t regret not going out for the night once you see what’s for dinner. Once you’re ready to finally get some shut eye as you prepare for what the next day has in store, you can escape to your own private room.

A True Alaska Fishing Trip

For a getaway that offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, Kodiak Island is an angler’s dream come true. Our fishing package allows you to enjoy an authentic Alaskan fishing experience without having to worry about all the details, and our comfy lodge is the ideal spot to end your day as you cross off another item off your adventure bucket list.

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