Simple Guide to Alaska Salmon Fishing

Simple Guide to Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska is home to the best salmon fishing in the world, and there’s no better place to catch them than Kodiak Island. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is located in Old Harbor, Alaska, nestled behind Sitkalidak Island. We own four of the six sports fishing boats that operate in this 30-mile stretch of protected waters, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish in calm waters filled with wildlife… and of course, plenty of salmon.

Different Alaska Salmon Species

Alaska salmon fishing is a unique experience. Whether you’re an recreational fisherman, looking for a unique experience for your family, or a salty sea dog who comes up to the Last Frontier every summer, it’s definitely a bucket-list essential. There are five different of salmon species you can catch in Alaskan waters:

  1. Coho (silver). These are greenish-blue with silvery sides, and you should see small black spots on the back, dorsal fin, and upper lobe of the tail.
  2. Sockeye (red). These have dark blue or black backs with silvery sides. Spawning sockeye salmon have dull-green heads with brick-red bodies.
  3. Humpy (pink). These have large spots on the back, with large black oval blotches on both tail lobes. They typically have very small scales.
  4. Chum (dog, keta, calico). These have dull gray backs with yellowish-silver sides. There are no distinct spots on the back or the tail.
  5. King (chinook, tyee, blackmouth). These have blue-gray backs with silvery sides. They have small, irregular shaped black spots on the back, the dorsal fin, and both lobes of the tail.

Best Time for Alaska Salmon Fishing

The best time to go Alaska salmon fishing depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. King and chum salmon start running in June, while sockeye and humpy salmon start running in July. Silver salmon typically enter the mix in August and continue running into September. Guests have the opportunity to reel in the catch of a lifetime every day of your stay!

Alaska Salmon Fishing Limits

We’re delighted to offer our guests the best fishing limits in Alaska. This includes two king salmon and five silver salmon, per person, per day. If you’ve ever dreamed of catching a trophy king, or the most delicious silver you’ve ever eaten, this is the place.

On top of that, you can catch up to two halibut, two ling cod, one yellow eye, and four black sea bass. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is proud to offer Alaska salmon experiences you’ll never forget.

Best Place To Go Alaska Salmon Fishing

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge offers a range of all-inclusive packages, which include delicious meals and beverages, lodging, rain gear, guides, boats, tackle, professional fish processing, and a round-trip airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor. We can accommodate 16 guests at a time.

Our lodge was actually originally a movie theater! It became a pool hall and diner before the local community decided to divide it into rooms to create an inn with a small burger joint in the 1990s. Eventually, it became the amazing Alaska salmon fishing lodge we know and love today.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Cost

We offer a range of different Alaska fishing packages, from three to six days, to suit every budget. All packages include an extra night to rest and shower before you travel, as well as breakfast on the day you depart, to ensure you feel fully relaxed and at ease while you travel home.

  • 3 days/4 nights: $3,300 per person
  • 4 days/5 nights: $4,000 per person
  • 5 days/6 nights: $4,750 per person
  • 6 days/7 nights: $5,600 per person

If you’d like to learn more about Alaska salmon fishing, contact the friendly team at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge to start planning your vacation. It’s a must for every fisherman’s bucket list.

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