How Many Alaska Salmon Can You Catch Per Day?

How Many Salmon Can You Catch in Alaska?

Alaska salmon fishing is probably at the top of your bucket list as a fisherman. Between the unique environment and fantastic fishing opportunities, fishing in Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Although you know that you’d like to go fishing here, you may not know where or how many fish you can bring home with you. This guide goes over how many salmon you can catch in Alaska, information about the fishing season, fishing licenses, and why Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge should be your number one choice. 

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When Can You Go Salmon Fishing in Alaska?

King (Chinook) salmon are one of the most prized catches due to their massive size, firm texture, and rich flavor. When it comes to salmon fishing, Alaska offers a unique experience of the best fishing. 

Peak Alaska king salmon fishing season runs from May through Mid-July but can be found here year-round. May through June is our “Trophy King” season, where you can catch 30-to-90-pound kings that feed in the Kodiak, Alaska waters. Some people come to catch the 50-pound plus chrome bright king salmon. 

Alaska also offers Silver (Coho) salmon that are fast, aggressive swimmers with a firm, mild, orange flesh that is great for canning or grilling. They typically run from ten-to-22-pounds and show up around early July. They are fished much like we fish for Alaskan King Salmon. Alaska’s silver salmon fishing is at its peak from mid-August into September. 

How Many Salmon Can You Catch in Alaska?

Depending on the season, you can catch a different number of Alaskan Salmons. The daily per person limits are two King Salmon from May to September. Although a low daily limit, they are large fish and provide adequate serving sizes to take home. 

If you stay with us at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, you’ll have options to book  your all-inclusive trip for three days or almost a week. This gives you many days to catch several King Salmon. We also have other fish that run through our waters, such as Halibut, Yellow Eye, Black Bass, or Grey Cod if you’ve met your daily limit. 

From August to September, if you come later in the year, the daily limits per person are five Silver Salmon. They typically weigh around 15 pounds which allows you to go home with ample fish to fill your fridges. If you’ve met your daily limit, you can get ready to catch Halibut, Ling Cod, Gray Cod, Yellow Eye, and Black Bass. 

Do You Need to Get an Alaska Fishing License?

Getting your fishing license is crucial for fishing in Alaska, so you can legally fish while avoiding penalties. Fishing regulations are implemented for residents and non-residents as Alaska is a huge fishing destination. 

If you book a stay at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, the package you purchase will also include your fishing licenses and local taxes, so you don’t need to worry about it. Difference places around Alaska have different taxes, and we take care of everything, so you don’t have to. We want to ensure you can come to the lodge and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Why Should You Stay With Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge?

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge will provide you with one of the best fishing experiences of your life. We are an all-inclusive lodge that allows you to come back and relax after a long day of fishing. You can fish for the day and come back to talk with other fishermen about your favorite stories over your favorite drink. 

Our lodge has many excellent amenities included with your stay with us. We offer a unique Alaskan experience on Kodiak Island that has the beauty of Alaska with the quiet environment needed to fish. We have beautiful landscapes and crystal blue waters that will add to the fantastic experience you get with us. 

One of the best benefits of staying with us is that we’ll process your fish. The fish processor will meet with you at the dock upon your arrival to help fillet, clean, vacuum seal, and freeze your fish. We’ll then place it in an insulated, airplane-approved, wet-lock box that will be labeled and banded in preparation for your trip home. 

We’re as excited as you are to start your once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip. Book with us and get the best all-inclusive fishing experience of your life. 

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