Why You NEED To Visit/Fish Alaska!

Why you NEED to visit/fish Alaska!

Fishing Kodiak, Alaska

Why You Need To Do It!

Alaska is known for its breathtaking beauty and for its abundance of wildlife. But did you know that Alaska’s population density is a mere 1 person per square mile? This leaves much of its beautiful landscape virtually untouched, making it one of the best places to fish and hunt in the world! And Kodiak is one of the least populated areas, and best places for fishing Kodiak!

Die-hard fisherman come from all over the world to troll these open waters where it is unlikely that you will see another fishing vessel, even after hours of being on the water. This kind of experience is unheard of in today’s world where the population is now over 7.6 billion people and growing. Fishing Kodiak, Alaska is a truly unique experience.

Fishing Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

At Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, the first thing you may notice is just how secluded this place actually is. After flying into Kodiak Island, you will have to take another plane to reach the small fishing town of Old Harbor, where Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge resides. Most of the towns 120 inhabitants live uptown. Downtown you will find a few more homes and a beautiful looking lodge that feels oddly fitting for the middle of nowhere, because that is where you are now, in the middle of nowhere. Now you start to understand just how special fishing Kodiak actually is.

You may not believe that this lodge has such modern amenities as WiFi and Satellite television, but this place is built to feel like a home away from home. After a long day of fishing, you will find our lodge has everything you need to relax and recap your day on the water. Retell stories, share photos, and relax by the fire as you wait for an amazing dinner, often fish that has been caught that day. Our award-winning chef is always coming up with great meals and appetizers, and the fresh ceviche is to die for. You are going to want to take home a list of new recipes that our chef is happy to share with you. You will have plenty of opportunity with your fish boxes from your day on the water, fishing Kodiak!

When it comes to fishing trips, there is no place that compares to fishing Kodiak. Book your trip today at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodgeand find out just how unique and special this place is!

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