When Is the Best Season for Alaska Deer Hunting?

When Is the Best Season for Alaska Deer Hunting?

If someone were to ask you what’s the best thing about October, what would you say? Fall leaves are pretty great. So is Halloween. But for the team here at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, located in the remote native village of Old Harbor, it’s the promise of another perfect Alaska deer hunting season.

From our lodge on Kodiak Island, we hunt for Sitka blacktail deer. Technically, the local hunting season opens on August 1, but we like to wait for the temperature to drop before we head out, because as the snow falls on the mountain tops, the does and bucks start moving down the hills and going into rut. Over the years, we’ve pinpointed the idea time between the start of November and the middle of December, so this is when we schedule our trips and welcome our deer hunting guests.

Come and Try the Best Alaska Deer Hunting Experience

All great Alaskan deer hunts start and finish at a warm and cozy lodge in a beautiful location. Kodiak Island is famous for being home to the world’s largest grizzly bears, but our spectacular island has a lot more up its sleeve. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is on the water’s edge, nestled behind Sitkalidak Island, which is a protected fishery. Every summer, we host sport fishing tours for guests looking to catch king salmon, silver salmon, halibut, and ling cod, among many other fish.

The lodge is very comfortable, and accommodates up to 16 guests at a time, meaning you can bring your friends, family, or co-workers to Kodiak for a once-in-a-lifetime deer hunting experience. Each morning, we will transport you to the location for the day’s hunt. Each evening, we’ll pick you up at a designated spot and drive you back to the lodge for a hot shower and a fantastic meal cooked by one of our chefs, so you can relax and share the best stories of the day.

Our goal is to provide you with a first-class Alaska deer hunting experience. Our remote location means there is very little pressure, but the mild terrain will provide you with a challenging and rewarding hunt. You can try something very few people have experienced.

How Much Do Alaska Deer Hunting Trips Actually Cost?

Our Alaska deer hunting trips go for five days and cost $3,250 per person. We welcome guests to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge the night before your first hunt and you depart the morning after your last. The price includes deer hunting, duck hunting, and fishing, although deer hunting will be the priority during your stay. It also includes lodging, meals, snacks, beverages, transportation to and from Old Harbor airport, and transportation to and from the hunting grounds.

You’ll need to make your own way here. We usually recommend flying from your closest city to Anchorage, then catching a commercial flight to Kodiak City, and a charter flight to Old Harbor. You’ll also need to cover your hunting license ($160), tags ($300 per deer – a total of three deer can be taken), and land use fees ($150 only if you hunt on native land). The price also does not include any gratuities you wish to add once you’ve come and experienced Kodiak.

What Else Can I Hunt While I’m on Kodiak Island?

Old Harbor boasts the best Sitka blacktail populations on the island. These are a small species of deer, but they absolutely thrive in Alaskan conditions. In addition to harvesting does and bucks, you can also hunt foxes and ducks, or try your hand at winter king salmon and halibut fishing. We’re lucky to live in a location with such plentiful hunting ground. Rest assured, we’ll keep you busy while you’re here, and help you create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember how we said fall was the best time for deer hunting? What are you waiting for? Contact our friendly team and book your Alaska deer hunting trip today.

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