When Is Halibut Season? We Answer Alaska Fishing FAQs

When Is Halibut Season? We Answer Your Alaska Fishing FAQs

Halibut is available all year, but the fishing is best from the June through mid-September. Kodiak Island is the best place in the world to reel in your first one, so if you’re considering an Alaskan fishing trip in 2021, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

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Where Is The Best Halibut Fishing?

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, nestled behind Sitkalidak Island in Old Harbor, Alaska, has been rated the number one fishery in protected waters. The waters are filthy rich in candlefish, herring and other bait fish which creates a very productive area for trophy Kings, Silvers, Halibut and Ling Cod. It’s also an incredibly beautiful spot to unplug and unwind for a few days.

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What Are Some Tips for Catching the Most Halibut?

While halibut are abundant in the Sitkalidak Straight, there are several tricks that can help anglers catch larger amounts of halibut (and possibly even larger halibut themselves).

  1. Big Baits Equal Big Fish

Herring is one of the most popular halibut baits, but salmon is also common. It’s recommended to use a fillet instead of a steak because they’ve been known to get more bites, possibly credited to the larger amount of meat without bones attached.

  1. Make Sure To Use Sharp Hooks

While this seems like an obvious one, you’d be surprised at how many fishermen set sail with dull hooks in tow! There are also a couple types of different hooks to choose from: circle is usually recommended as it will help you to easily set the fish, while J hooks can require a little more work to ensure your fish is hooked.

  1. Wait, Wait, Wait

When your halibut bites, be patient! Let the fish eat the bait before setting the hook. Once the hook is set, you’ll rarely lose the fish. But if you set too early, you may risk losing your delicious halibut! Patience is definitely a virtue here.

  1. Be Sure To Pack a Gaff Hook or Harpoon

If you’re planning to catch a large halibut, you’ll want to have someone ready to secure the fish with a gaff hook or harpoon. As soon as the halibut hits the surface, it will become super difficult to get it in the boat if you aren’t prepared to secure it.

  1. Fish With Trained Professionals

Last but not least, it’s always best to have a professional come with you to show you the ropes! Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge offers some of the best halibut fishing trips out there with expert fishing guides, ample wildlife viewing opportunities, and quiet waters. Plus we have access to the high concentration of halibut in the Gulf of Alaska, which makes the waters off Kodiak Island some of the best halibut fishing available.

How Deep Do You Fish for Halibut?

The ideal depth to catch a large halibut can range anywhere from 10-50 fathoms, which equates to 60-300 feet. Really, it’s all about finding the ledges where halibut hang out so that you can ensure you’re fishing in a heavy halibut-trafficked area.

How Do I Book an Alaskan fishing trip?

Booking your Alaskan fishing trip is easy. With the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world, Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge in Old Harbor, AK is equipped with all the things you’ll need to experience the fishing trip of your dreams.

Fishing is only 15 to 30 minutes from the dock of our lodge. Our calm waters are full of wildlife for viewing while fishing, too! Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge accommodates up to 16 guests in a cozy, quaint fishing lodge. Included in your package price are delicious meals, snacks, beverages, wine and beer at the lodge, rain gear, lodging, guides, boats, tackle, professional fish processing and round-trip airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor. Could you possibly need more?

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