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Reeling in Giants: Here’s Why You’ll Love Alaska Halibut Fishing on Kodiak Island

The Pacific halibut is one of the largest fish in the ocean, growing up to eight feet long and weighing as much as 700 lbs.

The truth is, they’ve become a favorite with fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Halibut are plentiful in the Gulf of Alaska. And the waters off Kodiak Island have some of the best halibut fishing on the planet while here at Kodiak Sportsmen’s Lodge, we have some of Alaska’s best halibut fishing trips.

If you’ve ever imagined pulling in a giant trophy fish while surrounded by pristine waters and majestic wildlife, read on.

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Wild Alaskan Scenery

The Sitkalidak area is just southeast of Kodiak Island. It’s one of the best halibut fishing areas in Alaska — and has some of the most stunning views in the Alaskan Gulf.

As you sail out on calm waters to your fishing spot, you might feel like you have the Gulf all to yourself. In fact, you can be out all day and never see another boat.

The area is bursting with wildlife. You might see bears, sea lions, sea otters, and other animals along the shore. And it’s not uncommon to see whales in the Gulf.

On a typical day, you’ll sail out on one of our custom-built, five-star Coast Guard-rated aluminum catamarans. They’re 26′ and 28′ long by 10′ wide. Each has full walk-around cabins, fully enclosed seating, and twin engines with full marine heads.

Keep in mind that we only fish 4 people per boat — with four individual downriggers and at least 100 square feet of fishing cockpit.

You’ll fish for at least 8 hours per day, weather permitting. And all of our captains are Coast Guard licensed. Rain gear (up to size 3X) and rubber deck boots (up to size 14 are also) are also provided at the lodge.

Halibut Fishing – Landing a Giant

Halibut is a type of flatfish, with a compressed shape and eyes on one side. They may look weird, but we love them!

Good halibut fishing is available all year on Kodiak Island. But peak season is between the first of June through mid-September. During this time the Gulf is full of food like herring, squid, and crabs. Big halibut spend these months feeding before heading to deeper waters to spawn.

They’re so plentiful that we often find them while trolling in just thirty feet of water.

Catching halibut is an adrenaline-pumping experience for any angler. They’re big, powerful fighters. Landing one takes skill, stamina, patience, and the right fishing gear.

We’ll equip you with top-of-the-line Loomis and Lamiglas graphite fishing rods with Shimano reels. We also provide all lures and bait.

The feeling of hauling in a big, beautiful halibut is impossible to describe. It’s the thrilling culmination of preparation, patience, and battling with a big, powerful fish.

When it’s all done, you’ll have a beautiful trophy, and fresh, delicious halibut to enjoy.

Savor the Flavor

Alaskan halibut is known for its mild flavor and firm, flaky texture. It’s one of America’s favorite seafood dishes. It’s especially delicious grilled or pan-seared and served with butter, lemon, and garlic.

What’s more? We’ll make sure your catch is perfectly prepared and frozen at peak freshness to take back home.

Our fish processor will meet you at the dock when you return. They’ll track your catch to ensure you bring home exactly what you caught. Then, we’ll fillet, clean, vacuum-sealed, and freeze your catch, package, label, and seal it in a fifty-pound insulated, airline-approved box for your trip home.

Your Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip

It’s important to know that not all Alaska halibut fishing charters are the same.

The packages at Kodiak Sportsmen’s Lodge include:

  • Round-trip airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor
  • Shuttle service in Old Harbor
  • Lodging
  • All meals and snacks
  • Soda, juices and bottled water
  • All bait, tackle, rods, and reels
  • Rain jacket and pants, rubber boots
  • Fish processing (Up to 2-50 lb. boxes included. Extra charge for additional fish boxes)
  • At least 8 hours fishing per day, last day fish for ¾ day.
  • Fishing License
  • Local Taxes

At KodiakSportsman’s Lodge, you can do more than catch halibut. We also have salmon fishing packages for both king and silver salmon.

Ready to experience one of the most thrilling halibut fishing trips on the planet? We have the Alaska fishing trip you’ve been dreaming of. So, get ready to land a big, beautiful trophy halibut to bring home.

Start your fishing adventure today. Book your fishing package at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.

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