Love Your Excursion: Defend Against Kodiak Island Mosquitoes

Preparing for Your Kodiak Island Fishing Trip: How to Protect Against Mosquitos

The joys of fishing. Maybe you’re an avid fisher, or you only get the chance to pursue your fishing hobby on rare occasions. Either way, Kodiak Island in Alaska is any fishing enthusiast’s dream “fishcation” location, and Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is a prime all-inclusive fishing destination.

Whether you need a break with your regular fishing buddies or a corporate retreat with all of the extras like hunting, staying at an exclusive Kodiak Island Lodge, savoring Alaskan cuisine, and participating in exciting fire-site activities, a fishing trip to Kodiak is sure to be transformative.

While the beautiful mountains and fish-filled waters on Kodiak are surely calling your name, mosquitos can be a serious concern for anyone who spends significant time around bodies of water in Alaska.

As with any fishing remote journey, it’s important that you think of the potential of mosquitoes. While Kodiak Island mosquitoes appear primarily during the summer months, it’s good to be prepared so you’ll have the absolute best time!

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Prepare for Your Fishing Trip and Protect Against Mosquitoes

There’s no doubt that fishing is fun for those who seek an adventure and a prize catch. But there’s also no doubt that having mosquitoes around while you’re enjoying yourself can be a real pain. But mosquitoes are only a real concern for Kodiak Island visitors in the summer months – particularly from the second week in June to the last week in July. That isn’t to say that you won’t see a mosquito in other months of the year but it’s unlikely it will be a serious problem for you or your trip mates.

Warding Away Mosquitoes

When you are preparing for your Kodiak Island fishing trip, you need to consider how to protect yourself and fellow travelers from mosquitoes, here are some simple tips:

  • Pack and dress in khaki, neutral, or lighter colors (other than white) as mosquitoes are most often attracted to dark colors like black, gray, orange, or red.
  • Take and wear loose-cut shirts and pants that are long and cover the extent of your skin. By forming a physical barrier to ward away from your skin, you can avoid mosquito bites.
  • Use DEET repellant to steer away mosquitoes, which is claimed by the CDC to offer the best protection against mosquito bites.
  • Avoid scented perfumes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners that might attract mosquitoes.
  • Use essential oils like tea tree oil that discourage mosquitoes from coming around.
  • Use citronella candles which also help to ward off mosquitoes.

Now, back to the fun part–planning your Kodiak Island fishing trip!

Preparing for Your All-Inclusive Fishing Trip

What type of fish do you want to catch–salmon, halibut, or other? Begin with the end in mind–what large catch do you hope to have as a result of your journey? Whatever fish you hope to reel in, you’ll need all of the gear, tools, support, and resources handy to get the job done effectively while loving your experience.

Here are some tips for preparing for your trip:

  • Choose an all-inclusive fishing lodge or even a location with hunting experiences. It should include your accommodations, food, transportation, gear–including rods and reels, bait and tackle, and everything you need to explore the beautiful outdoors in complete safety, peace, and pure adventure.
  • Select a lodge with meeting rooms for groups to be able to meet and prepare for trips, share experiences, and more.
  • Choose a package with round-trip airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor (airfare to Kodiak City –you will book separately from your package).
  • Ensure your lodge provides shuttle service in and around Old Harbor.
  • Ask for a package with all meals, snacks, and drinks including bottled water, juices, and soda.
  • A retreat that offers not only fishing gear but also all-weather gear–like rain jackets, rubber boots, and all-weather pants, will help you to enjoy your trip even more.
  • Choose a lodge offering at least 8 hours of fishing in custom-built catamarans most days and with fishing licenses, local taxes, and fish processing included in your package.

Take a Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey

Whether you’re looking for a getaway celebration with loved ones and friends, a solo trip in the beauty of Kodiak Island, or a unique corporate retreat for bonding with colleagues, Kodiak Sportsman Lodge offers all-inclusive packages for special memories and fun fishing excursions.

If you’re fishing for Alaska King Salmon or Halibut, or if you are seeking a Silver Salmon, Yelloweye, Cod, Black Bass, or another trophy catch, Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge trolls for large catch fish with experts who know where to go to explore and reel them in.

Are you interested in an all-inclusive Kodiak Island fishing trip? Learn about amazing experiences you can have together!

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