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Is Kodiak on Your List of Dream Trips for Deer Hunting?

As we all know, hunting is about more than filling the freezer. It’s about the experience. The adventure. The brotherhood and bonding. When it comes to deer, America has a wide range of options for great hunting, from Iowa to Texas. But simply put, there’s no experience like a hunting trip to the farthest, wildest corner of America.

And if you’re ready for the big enchilada, if you’re ready to hunt between snow-capped mountains and waves crashing on rocky shores while bald eagles soar overhead, then do it right.

Put Kodiak at the top of your list.

Ready for the trip of your dreams? Let’s talk about deer hunting in Kodiak, Alaska.

Why Choose Kodiak?

A better question is why hunt the same acreage every season? The location can be as much a part of your experience as the hunt itself. Kodiak is world-renowned as one of America’s most beautiful places, and what’s more, one of the world’s best hunting and fishing destinations, with an astounding abundance of wildlife. When you travel here, you turn an annual hunting trip into a destination adventure you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.

There’s a good reason our clients are smiling ear-to-ear in trophy photos: They accomplished something big. A successful hunt means you sourced your own 100% organic meat from the land. And it’s that land – and the food that grows on it – that determines the deer’s health.

Kodiak is the second-largest island in the United States, after the big island of Hawaii – and it’s also the least populated. No disrespect to Kona, here there are no highways, no big hotels, no shopping malls or crowds. No pollution. And unlike the Heartland, the deer here aren’t drinking farm irrigation run-off or nibbling on fertilized landscaping.

The vast majority of Kodiak Island is raw nature, shot through with mountains, spruce forests, and rivers fed by glacier water. That’s where our deer call home.

And that’s where we’re going to take you.

Epic Adventure. Luxurious Comfort.

We hunt for Black Tail deer in November and December, when the temperatures drop, pushing the deer down the mountains into lower elevations.

We’ll take you to our favorite hunting spots, where we’re confident you’ll meet plenty of our furry friends. Pick one you like and take him home. It’s remote in the best possible way, and you’ll really feel like you’re in Alaska out there.

Then we’ll bring you back to our incredibly cozy, comfy lodge. We’ll feed you a fantastic meal and park you in front of a roaring fire, where you can spend evenings comparing photos of your trophy(trophies) over a glass of something you like.

This is concierge hunting, with days spent in Alaska’s glorious wilderness and a good night’s sleep with the whisper of waves outside our oceanfront lodge. You can go to a lot of lodges that are “near” this or “near” that. But at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, you’re not just near the Alaska you’ve always dreamed about…

You’re in the heart of it.

If the Alaska deer-hunting trip of a lifetime is on your radar, don’t miss out and don’t settle for less: Call us to talk about coming to Kodiak for deer hunting.

Come for the deer hunting. Come back for the fishing.

By the way, our lodge also offers what we would humbly say is the best fishing experience on Earth. Come in fall for deer hunting. Come back in the summer for salmon, halibut, rockfish and much, much more. Give us a ring to find out when we’ll have availability.

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