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Is Alaska Fishing Really the Best in The World? See for Yourself at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Salmon and halibut and bears…oh, my! We’re already booked for the rest of the autumn deer-hunting season, and we expect to sell out next summer’s fishing season far in advance.

Our cozy, oceanfront lodge is always busy, but the sudden spike in post-pandemic travel has moved an Alaska fishing trip higher on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

Kodiak is one of those fishing destinations that seems like it could never live up to the hype, but trust us: There’s no hype. Anglers come from all over the world to our little home on the bay because we have a jaw-dropping variety of fish that are all fighters, all big, and all nearby.

The waters just off our lodge are teeming with multiple species, and there’s just no other experience that can measure up to hitting a monster king or halibut against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and deep-green forest. (Note to self: Bring camera.)

Ready for the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime? Reserve your spot now.

Just Say No to Slow Days

Every angler dreams of hooking into a trophy king salmon, and we’ve got ‘em. After you limit out kings or sockeye or silvers, we’ll re-rig your line for halibut, rock fish, cod, black bass, or yellow eye. While you’re fishing, you’ll probably see multiple bald eagles diving for their lunch and massive whales bursting out of the water like submarines. We say “probably” because we can’t guarantee anything when it comes to wildlife, but yeah. This is where they live.

There’s good reason Kodiak Island, Alaska, is famous as the world’s best fishing destination.

Say Yes to Inviting Friends Over for Grilled Salmon

The fish you’ll be catching are all fantastic eating — the type of fish you find on the menu at a 5-star restaurant in New York City. That’s no joke, by the way: We quite literally have NYC chefs fly up here to personally select the world’s best salmon on the commercial fishing docks for their restaurants before it gets bought up by Japan or Seattle.

When is the last time you saw tarpon, walleye, or bonefish on a fancy restaurant’s menu? There’s simply nothing better than dime-bright salmon fresh out of the sea. As you may know, salmon turn dark red and purple after they enter rivers to spawn. But you’ll be catching fish before they enter freshwater, and we’ll filet ‘em, freeze ‘em,  and box ‘em up for you just minutes after they were swimming in the ocean.

Our team takes care of everything but the reeling and laughing part. We also take care of the roaring fire, delicious chef-cooked meals, and warm, comfy room part. The part where you stand around your back-deck grill at home showing friends pictures of yourself smiling ear-to-ear while holding up a big fish is all yours.

If the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime is on your radar, don’t miss out and don’t settle for less: Book your room and spot on a guided fishing boat for summer 2022. Or even summer 2023.

When visiting the Last Frontier, it’s a good idea to plan wisely and plan ahead. Book now.

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