Ready for Adventure? The Cost of Fishing on Kodiak Island

How Much Does a Fishing Trip on Kodiak Island Cost?

Is your idea of adventure a fishing trip in Alaska? At Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, we have just the excitement you’re looking for! Here’s what you can expect for the cost of fishing on Kodiak Island and all the wonderful amenities it includes here at KSL.

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Come to Kodiak Island for the Fishing!

Fishing is an exciting sport. As you grapple with a feisty salmon or halibut, you enjoy the thrill of the catch. Even better, if you can take the salmon home, you can look forward to a luscious fish dinner sometime in the future.

When you choose one of our Alaska fishing packages, our guides take you where the fish are. There, you can encounter many types of fish and wildlife while enjoying the beauty of Alaska’s natural setting. If the weather permits, you get to fish for at least eight hours daily!

At the same time, you can fish to your heart’s content with everything you need to catch the big ones included in your package. We supply the boats, including our 5-star Coast Guard-rated aluminum catamarans. We also provide fishing rods and reels, lures, bait, raingear, deck boots, and more to make sure you have what you need to catch your trophy fish.

One of the wonderful things about fishing is knowing success means bringing fish to your table. With KSL, your fish processor meets you at the dock and gets your fish ready and packed in an airline-approved box for your trip home.

Stay with Us for the Lodge Experience

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge aims to create a lodge experience you’ll never forget. Your all-in-one fishing package begins with airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor. Once there, you can ride the shuttle service around Old Harbor. Our lodge treats you to all meals and snacks, soda, juices, and bottled water.

Sit by the fire to share the challenges and successes of the day. Take advantage of our exceptional local cuisine prepared by professional Alaskan chefs. Go to our upstairs lounge to relax with satellite TV or catch up with friends on our wireless internet. Before retiring to your room and sinking into your comfortable bed, you can have a cocktail to mark the end of a fabulous day.

Cost of Fishing on Kodiak Island at KSL

At Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, we want to make the cost of fishing on Kodiak Island affordable to all the great fishermen who want to come. The rates include three, four, five, or six days of fishing with an extra night to prepare for your return trip home.

Our 2023 all-inclusive packages include:

  • 3 Day/4 Night – $3,750 per person
  • 4 Day/5 Night – $4,500 per person
  • 5 Day/6 Night – $5,250 per person
  • 6 Day/7 Night – $6,000 per person

That means the more days you plan to stay, the less you pay per night.

As part of your all-inclusive package, you will also receive access to:

  • Charter from Kodiak City out to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge
  • Fishing license
  • King Stamp (required to fish for king salmon)
  • Keg beer and wine at the lodge

When they consider everything that we provide, everything they can enjoy, and all the fish they can catch, our guests find the rates outstanding and can’t wait to come back again.

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We make planning for a Kodiak Island fishing trip simple. Simply book a stay using our website, and be sure to ask us any questions you have about fishing in this Alaskan wonderland. We are happy to help and more than ready to meet your expectations for a satisfying, spectacular vacation.

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