2018 Kodiak Fishing Report

2018 Kodiak Fishing Report

2018 Fishing Report Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge 2018 Kodiak Fishing Report –

If Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is any indication of the overall 2018 Kodiak Fishing Report, then it was a good one. The lodge had a great season. It is one of a handful of remote fishing locations on Kodiak Island’s southern parts. It is shielded by a mountainous island, the Sitkalidak Island and the location could not be any better.. It is rich with all sorts of sea life, from puffins to orcas and of course, salmon!

“Our guides all had a great season. They know these spots better than anyone and they took advantage of a good year.”

Gary Sampson is the owner/operator of Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. He too enjoyed the season and is excited to be back home in Arizona for a much-needed break.

“You can’t ask for a much better job, or place to be spending your summers, but winters in Kodiak can be very tough. We do have a few hunting trips, but besides that we stay where it is warm.”

Jeanne is one of the owners and is a well-known chef. She only works with fresh ingredients, regularly caught that day.

“It was one of our better seasons in a long time. Guests were happy and we were able to book out into next season. We are very happy with how everything worked out. I think a lot of it had to do with our new partners.”

Rick and Kelley joined the team before the 2018 season and have been a welcomed addition. Kelly works with the guests to book their trips and answers any and all questions about the secluded lodge.

“We really enjoy it here. Gary and Jeanne are very nice, making it very easy to work with. We have known them for a while now, so it was easy going. The hard part was making the adjustment to living on such a remote island for so long.”

Silvers were going strong in most local rivers and in particular at Uganic River. There are still bookings available at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.

2018 General Kodiak Fishing Report –

“The Kodiak Management Area (KMA) is located in the western Gulf of Alaska south of the latitude of Cape Douglas (58°52′ North latitude) and east of Imuya Bay (156°20’13” West longitude) near Wide Bay on the Alaska Peninsula. The marine waters around Kodiak are among the most productive in the North Pacific. Offshore upwelling combines with abundant freshwater runoff to make near shore waters rich in nutrients. There are over one hundred species of marine fish native to the KMA, including Pacific herring, Clupea pallasii and five species of salmon, including chinook Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, sockeye O. nerka, pink O. gorbuscha, chum O. keta, and coho O. kisutch. Commercial herring and salmon fisheries in those waters surrounding the Kodiak Archipelago and the northern Alaska Peninsula are managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Kodiak. Commercial fishing and processing account for 55% of the private sector work force. During the commercial salmon fishing season (approximately June through September) up to 5,000 people may be involved in the KMA commercial salmon fishery.”

More can be read at the Fish and Game site.

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