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Kodiak Salmon Fishing



Kodiak Salmon Fishing

kodiak salmon fishingKodiak salmon fishing is every fisherman’s and fisherwoman’s dream. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge can make this dream a reality. Our glistening protected waters stretch for 30 miles, and our guests enjoy amazing Kodiak salmon fishing only 20 minutes ways from our dock. The calm waters, the hypnotizing rocking of our cutting edge fishing boats, and 360 degrees Alaska scenery all around will make your fishing experience unforgettable. Many world-renowned Kodiak salmon fishing experts gather at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge to participate in the famous annual Kodiak King Salmon Derby. Most of our guests always walk away with a prize. For the past three years these prizes have been the Top Prizes!

Kodiak Island is hands down every Kodiak salmon fishing angler’s ultimate dream. Our waters offer a wide variety of fish, including Ling Cod, Silver Salmon, Black Sea Bass, Halibut, Yellow Eye, and the infamous King Salmon. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge also offers abundant hunting opportunities. For sportsman looking to engage in Alaskan deer hunting and duck hunting, the mountains in our backyard are the best choice. The rugged terrain surrounding our lodge is not only saturated with game, it is also breathtakingly beautiful country that one will only find in remote Alaska. Let us show you the time of your life!

Our waters are chocked full of King Salmon ranging from 30 to 90 pounds! These water giants feed in the chilly waters outside our front porch and our expert fishing guides know the most successful places to go. We typically use down-riggers and even herring bait to troll for these Kings of the ocean, and we always have great success. However, do not be surprised if you also walk away with a photo of you and your trophy-sized Halibut along with the photos of you and your Kings.

If you come visit the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge in the month of July, expect to catch at least 7 different types of trophy fish, including the elusive King and Silver salmon. If you come stay with us in August, expect to catch Silver Salmon that will most likely weigh at least 15 monstrous pounds. On top of daily catches-of-a-lifetime, our guests enjoy catching many other types of fish. In fact, the best idea is to come to the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge for BOTH months and enjoy not only the best fishing imaginable, but also expect a full wilderness experience that only Alaska can offer.


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