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Kodiak Lodging

kodiak lodgingKodiak lodging does not get any better than The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. We are surrounded by rustic Alaskan mountains, 30 miles of sparkling protected waters, and endless miles of blue sky. Our lodge is warm and inviting, with ample room for up to 16 guests. Each season is a great time to select the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge as your Kodiak lodging choice. We offer a comfortable, cozy, and scenic place to spend your Alaska vacation. With ample opportunities for endless fishing and hunting adventures, we are the best choice for Kodiak lodging on the island.

Whether you are a family, a business, or a group of comrades, we simply offer the best Kodiak lodging packages. We have professional fishing and hunting guides, and an expert 5-star service-staff that will tend to your every need. We own 4 of the 6 charter boats in the region, and we absolutely love to show our anglers a good time. Our guests never walk off our boats empty-handed and we have stacks and stacks of pictures to show for it! Our waters are full of King Salmon, Halibut, and many other famous Alaskan fish. These shimmering water kings are the perfect trophies to bring home to show your friends and family.

The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is also the perfect place for hunting. The mountains in our backyard are full of bear, Black Tail Sitka Deer, fox, and other small game. Our guides know the exact times of year that are the peak seasons for each type of game, and they exactly where to go. The weather on the Kodiak Island, especially the region near The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge, is such that drives the Sitka Black Tail Deer down from the higher elevations to regions that are more easily accessible. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is in prime hunting territory.

Another great aspect of The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is its location. Only a short distance away from our rustic mountain lodge lays the quaint village of Old Harbor Alaska. This town is just as unforgettable as the Alaskan wilderness around it, and is guaranteed to find a way home alongside your other memories. The rich culture and history that embodies that atmosphere of this mountain village will create magical memories to accentuate your fishing and hunting adventures. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the best place to go, and the locals are always the first to recommend us to anyone looking for a 5-star adventure.


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