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Kodiak Lodge

kodiak lodgeWe have an exceptional Kodiak lodge for you! The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the perfect place for an Alaska wilderness vacation. We can accommodate you and your family, or up to 16 guests. Our unique location near the quaint Alaskan mountain village of Old Harbor guarantees a wilderness vacation that is steeped in intriguing culture and history. Alaska has many fishing destinations, but none rival the protected waters that shimmer just yards from the front porch of our Kodiak lodge. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is also surrounded by rugged wilderness terrain that is home to many of Alaska’s most coveted hunting game.

Our Kodiak lodge has the reputation for excellence. Our virtually untouched waters are bursting with King Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Silver Salmon, Yellow Eye, and Black Sea Bass. We guarantee that you will come visit us for adventure, and leave our Kodiak lodge with plenty of fish! Our catch limits are the highest in the region so we can assure you that we have the best fishing packages you could dream of. We are also proud to say that our guests have won ALL 3 first prize awards in the infamous Kodiak King Salmon Derby for the past 3 years! This amounts to over $26,000!! Just imagine…YOU could be the next winner and walk home with that trophy King Salmon you have always dreamed of.

If you are a hunter searching for the ultimate thrill, we are located in just the right territory for you. The grassy mountains that surround the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge are known to home to the largest amount of Sitka Black Tail deer. This unique species of the deer species is abundant on Kodiak Island and we have the most knowledgeable hunting guides around. They know exactly where the best hunting grounds are at all of the right times. The hunting lands around our lodge are those of every hunting man’s dream.

Give us a call TODAY and let us ‘hook’ you into our lodge and our great hunting and fishing packages. Our packages are full service. They include food, gear, guide services, lodging, sporting boats, and air fare for the round trip from Kodiak City to Old Harbor. We guarantee you will NOT regret it. In fact, we know without a doubt that all of our guests leave with much more fish, game, and precious memories than they ever dreamed to bargain for.


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