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Kodiak Fishing Lodge

kodiak fishing lodgeInterested in a Kodiak fishing lodge? Interested an Alaska fishing or hunting adventure? We guarantee that Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is just the place for you. This Kodiak Fishing Lodge offers it all. It is large and spacious, accommodating up to 16 people. Have more than 16 people? No problem! We can provide a roll-away bed for each bedroom in the lodge. Our Kodiak fishing lodge is comfortable, warm, and welcoming. Our friendly maid service ensures that each bedroom and its corresponding private bath is always a warm, tidy, and cozy place to come home to. We offer satellite television and even wireless internet! We guarantee that you will not find such a modern Kodiak fishing lodge that still maintains a rustic and remote atmosphere that can only be found in Alaska.

Our Kodiak fishing lodge is located in the unique Alaskan hideaway town of Old Harbor. Settled over 7000 years ago, it is rich with history and holds a rustic and quaint atmosphere. Located on a very thin piece of island, Old Harbor is considered to be one of the most scenic villages in Alaska. It is surrounded by the most fruitful protected fishing waters in the world. Its surrounding terrain is prime territory to deer and duck hunting. The fishing in Old Harbor is known for its endless first prize awards in the world famous King Salmon Derby. This legendary fishing competition attracts sport fishermen from around the globe. Most of these fishermen choose to stay at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.

Our lodge is surrounded by all types of Alaskan landscape. From the shimmering waters of the bay to jagged snow-topped mountain peaks that tower over the crystal clear water, we guarantee that you will never see scenery that will parallel your view from your window.

Whether you are planning a family vacation or a corporate retreat, the Kodiak Fishing Lodge is guaranteed to please. Our remote location is the perfect place for intimate family gatherings or important business meetings. Our fishing and hunting trips will provide countless bonding opportunities. These opportunities can strengthen family ties or seal business partnerships. Our lodge is available to accommodate entire groups of 12 or more. Please call us SOON! We would love to discuss just how we can tailor our excellent services to the needs of your particular party or group. Come join us in the rugged and remote Alaska wilderness where unforgettable memories are a guaranteed part of our packages!


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