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Kodiak Deer Hunts



Kodiak Deer Hunts

kodiak deer huntsKodiak deer hunts at The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge are the most exciting adventures on the island. Countless of deer populate the grassy slopes and hillsides surrounding our rustic lodge on the famous Kodiak Island. Among this deer population is the unique Sitka Black Tail Deer. This deer is the smallest in the deer family and just happens to enjoy roaming the terrain right outside our very own Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. Our Kodiak deer hunts are full of adventure, memories, excitement, and game! The hunting guides at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge are highly educated in deer hunting, particularly the hunting of Sitka Black Tail Deer. So our guests are happy to follow their hunting guide through the Alaska brush and forests on another one of our fantastic Kodiak deer hunts.

Some guests ask why we run our Kodiak deer hunts from the end of October to the middle of December, as opposed to the traditional August start. We do this because we know that, given ample amount of time, the influx of cooler weather and snow in the higher elevations will push the Sitka Black Tail Deer down the rocky mountain slopes to lower elevations. This migration tends to occur starting near October 23. This not only means higher density of deer per square mile, it also means easier access and travel.

We base each of our daily deer hunts from The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. We provide comfortable and safe transportation to and from each hunting destination. Our expert hunting guides will lead you through new and exciting deer-hunting territory every day. This not only gives you endless opportunities for deer, it also provides for amazing scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. At the end of every one of our daily deer hunts, our weary yet satisfied hunters get to relax with a hot shower, cold beer, and homemade meal.

Not many sportsmen can swap stories about their personally-guided hunting excursions on the infamous Kodiak Island. A stay at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge will provide you with endless bragging rights and material for years to come. No other person will be able to top your hunting stories, we guarantee it! The guides at The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge would love to talk to you and plan your first hunt, so call us today. Please remember that our lodge is very popular and reservations disappear quickly, so call today!


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