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Kodiak Deer Hunting

kodiak deer huntingLooking for a Kodiak deer hunting experience like none other? The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the place to be. Nestled in the village of Old Harbor, we are situated in the prime region for the best Sitka Black Tail deer in Alaska. In fact, Kodiak Island is the place where this particular form of Kodiak deer hunting. As many avid deer hunters know, the Sitka Black Tail deer is close to the smallest species of deer. This particular species poses some of the most challenging Kodiak deer hunting trips possible. Come check out our Old Harbor Lodge and learn how you can experience such a hunting novelty.

The Kodiak deer hunting season begins in August of every year. However, the experts at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge know that it is actually best to hunt the Sitka Black Tail deer later in the season, so we do not begin our hunts until later in the season. Our hunts run from October 23 until December 16. Many people ask why we start our hunt so late. We do so because the temperature on Kodiak Island begins to drop around the end of October. This drop in temperature drives the Sitka Black Tail deer to lower elevations, which makes for easier hunting. In addition, this is also the time when the bucks go into rut. Our expert hunting guides know exactly when this perfect combination of conditions occurs every season.

We organize hunts that are the best on Kodiak Island. Every morning, our Old Harbor hunting lodge serves as the base for the exciting daily hunt. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge provides transportation to each hunting location. We take our guests to a new and lucrative hunting location every day. At the end of each daily hunt, we pick you up and bring you back to the lodge where a hot shower and a hot meal are always waiting.

2010 is expected to be a particularly successful hunting season. This is due to the fact that the mild temperatures of the past 3 years has reduced the hunting activity in Old Harbor. This means that there is an exceptionally and unusually high amount of Sitka Black Tail deer to harvest this season. We guarantee that our remote location will provide you with a Kodiak hunting trip that you will remember for a lifetime. In fact, we guarantee that your hunting experience will be one that very few sportsman will ever experience.


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