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Kodiak Deer Hunt



Kodiak Deer Hunt

kodiak deer huntAn unbelievable Kodiak deer hunt is only a phone call away! For any sportsman who has been dreaming of a Sitka Black Tail deer hunt should turn to the experts at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. We are located near the rustic town of Old Harbor Alaska. In addition to its rich history, this scenic Alaskan mountain town is known for its great hunting. The rugged terrain surrounding Old Harbor is prime territory for a Kodiak deer hunt. Our mountains are full of game opportunities for all types of sportsman. We have expert hunting guides that will lead you on the most amazing and successful Kodiak deer hunt you could ever dream of.

The Sitka Black Tail deer hunting season begins in August. However, the best time for a Kodiak deer hunt is a bit later in the season. Thus, we begin our season at the end of October and continue through December 16. The delayed start of our season is due to the fact that the game is more plentiful at this time. As the cold weather approaches the higher elevations of the mountains in our area, the snow begins to fall. This actually drives the deer to lower elevations, making your hunting excursions more successful and warm!

During this time you will be able to take advantage of the period when the bucks are in rut and are choosing their does. In fact, our expert hunting guides predict the 2010 season to be the most successful season ever. This is because the unusually mild temperatures of the past three years have reduced the amount of hunting activity in the Old Harbor region. This means more deer for you to bring home to fill your freezer!

The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the perfect base for hunting adventures. Our lodge is a warm refuge to come home to and there is always a hot homemade meal waiting for you when you walk in the door. Our rustic yet modern lodge can accommodate 16 clients in comfort and mountain luxury. While you are here you can also take advantage of our fruitful fishing waters and add a King Salmon or a Halibut to your freezer as well! We also have excellent terrain for fox hunting, duck hunting, and Alaskan wildlife viewing. The folks at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge aim to please and we guarantee a comfortable, exciting, and FUN Alaskan hunting adventure.


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