Going Fishing On Kodiak? To Alaska From Home and Back

  • By: Lisa Montgomery
  • Going fishing on Kodiak Island at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is that “National Geographic” vacation of a life time. We experienced it ourselves fishing for record king salmon and halibut on our first family Alaska fishing trip.

    There is an allure that cannot be explained when you hear the word Alaska.  When I meet people and say I am going to Alaska, nearly everyone says, “That is on my list.”  Everyone wants to go fishing in Alaska.   Our family went with a group using a travel expert to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge in 2002 when our twin daughters were twelve years old.

    This article is the first in a series describing what you need to travel to the Lodge and go fishing.  Getting to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge from home and back includes:

    • Outfitting for Alaska--Your packing list before you leave
    • Air travel to Kodiak
    • Arrival at the Lodge
    • Your First Day Fishing
    • On the Water—Kodiak Bears, Whales, Wildlife and the Fish
    • Old Harbor, Kodiak Island Alaska—the Place and the People
    • Traveling with Your Catch
    • Departure and Getting Home

    Kodiak Island And Alaska—Why Did We Go There?

    Obviously we wanted to go fishing and catch big fish and Kodiak delivered that but we wanted something more.  We wanted to see a country that few people have seen.  We wanted the experience of a remote place that was off the beaten path.  We wanted a rare, remote, and adventurous experience with shared memories and stories we would tell for the rest of our lives.  

    Kodiak Island is one of those lands where you go fishing and come back with much more. Some of the best times of our lives together have happened being on a fishing boat. Nothing is better than to go fishing as a family. Second best is sharing the experience with your friends. Fishing stories are the best stories and everyone has a good one!

    Coming To Alaska Can Be Complicated and We Are Here To Help

    Lisa and I (husband, Bill) and our twin daughters, Alex and Erin, were guests of the Lodge in 2002. We have been to Alaska many times. We enjoy fishing so much it has become our lifetime passion and business. 

    Lisa became the travel and fishing expert for Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.  Lisa provides travel services to Lodge guests as part of their vacation package. 

    Is There A Bathroom On A Kodiak Fishing Boat?

    Many things that turn out wonderfully start slowly and so did our family’s first fishing vacation. Three years earlier, Lisa and I had gone on an Alaska cruise and had a wonderful time. Some friends asked me if I would be interested in going fishing in Alaska. I wanted us all to go and had a family meeting to sell the idea. With that said, I can never resist a chance to “poke the snake with a stick” as Lisa calls it. I was not ready for Lisa’s first question, “So is there a bathroom on the fishing boat?”  “Sort of,” I said.  “These are large, flat bottom fishing boats and there is a bucket and a large tarp at the back. People just hold the tarp over you—everyone does it so it is no big deal.” This response was met with the usual looks—does he really think we are this gullible but could it be…..  I wanted us all to go fishing but I held it together until we actually got to the boat the first morning where I was justly chastised.

    We went through brochures and immediately Erin was all in.  Mom was at the opposite end thinking she and Alex should do their vacation and Erin and I could go fishing in Alaska.  I continued my lobbying efforts and before long, Alex was up to go fishing on Kodiak.  I found out later that Lisa had played her last card.  She and Alex would go to the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego and have a different sea world vacation. Alex had said she wanted to go fishing on Kodiak with Erin and Dad.   The girls put the pressure on Mom and she reluctantly came on board.  Little did I know how that decision would change our lives.


    What Are You Waiting For?

    To go fishing on Kodiak Island at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is that “National Geographic” vacation of a life time. 

    This is the trip you have been talking and dreaming about for a long time. Call Lisa at 1-866-744-8777 FREE or complete a request on our contact page.

    Other Information About Kodiak

    • Feb 01, 2016


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    What Our Guests Are Saying

    "Old Harbor is one of my favorite places in Alaska. The people are so warm, and the fishing is exceptional. KSL nailed it. They give 5 star service with some of the best, gourmet meals I've had anywhere. My room was right on the beach and was very clean and well kept. Our fishing guide was a lot of fun and made sure that everyone caught their fill of fish. KSL took care of everything. I just showed up in Kodiak and the rest was handled."

    Ron U., Chapel Hill, NC

    "An A+ fishing experience. Have booked with them more than once. Fished with friends & family. Without question one of the best experiences I have ever had. Wide variety of fish. First rate equipment. Experienced guides. Custom built boats protect you from the weather. Most liberal fishing regulations in Alaska. Off the beaten path. Great scenery. Not Crowded."

    Harvey P., Greater Cincinnati

    "The sportsman's lodge is a great place! The guides know the water and work to put you on the fish. You won't starve for sure are the food rivals most fine dining establishments I've been too. I have been there twice on business and someday would love to take my family. One of my Clients also has mentioned he would love to bring his wife up for a visit.Stayed September 2014, traveled on business."

    Dennisgroom, Middleton, Idaho

    "For a great time fishing in Alaska, look no further than the Kodiak Sportsman Lodge. Gary and his professional crew put you on the fish! The food is great and the staff at the lodge make you feel like you're a part of the family. All this and the scenic beauty of Kodiak."

    Susan Harvey, OR Medical Director at Medical University of South Carolina

    "Gary and the crew at the Sportsmans Lodge in Old Harbor, AK are wonderful hosts. The fishing in Old Harbor can't be beat!"

    Dave Jarrett, COO & Executive VP, Old Harbor Native Corporation

    "Gary assisted us very professionally and gave us the best time and adventure throughout the trip."

    Adrian Gaspar & Scandia Romana

    "This will not be a usual sort of recommendation...instead it is the sort of recommendation of a service, that is, guided fishing and hunting at Old Harbor, Kodiak Island, Alaska. I recommend him and the Kodiak Sportsman Lodge highly. You wil catch some very fine fish (King and Silver Salmon in season, Ling Cod in season, and Halibut are the primary game fish, with a good assortment of other varieties of fish if you wish.) in the Sitkadalek sound and will be witness to some of the finest scenery available. The chef is superb at the lodge and the accomodations are much better than most you will see in Alaskan lodges in the mid-price range. I recommend Gary and the Lodge to you highly. Try him, you'll like it, I guarantee."

    Willis Starnes, CEO of Shepherds' Outreach Network

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