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Kodiak Bear Viewing



Kodiak Bear Viewing

kodiak bear viewingKodiak bear viewing is an integral component of any trip to Alaska. The bears that inhabit the terrain surrounding the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge symbolize the majestic beauty of the pristine Alaskan wilderness. Bears flock to feed on the shores of the rivers that flow near our lodge and they are drawn to the endless expanse of protected waters that span the horizon. These waters are full of the main staple of any bear’s diet: salmon. There is no place for Kodiak bear viewing experiences than the grounds near the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. These giant fish attract giant bears, and our guests can have up close and personal visual encounters with these kings of the Alaska frontier.

Huge bears roam the rocky brush covered hillsides behind our lodge, and are driven to distraction by the wild salmon that feed in our waters. Kodiak bear viewing areas near our lodge are famous for the amount of bear activity that occurs on a seasonal basis. Our guests are privy to bear behavior that can usually only be found in the deep, deep secluded wilderness areas of the Alaskan frontier. Watching the maternal behavior between a mother bear and her two playful cubs will warm your heart. We maintain strict safety precautions to ensure the safety of our guests as well as the bears and their habitat.

Bear viewing is just one of Alaska’s unique and charming activities. The guests at the Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge are guaranteed to see bears during each outing, and we mean BIG bears! We have highly trained guides and bear experts. We lead small or large group excursions through the bear territory around our lodge with both caution and experience. We know where to find the bears, and we have ample amounts of information about bear behavior for our guests to enjoy.

Safety is top priority on all of our viewing trips. We ensure the safety of our patrons by educating them on bear behavior and explaining important bear safety protocol. We protect the delicate bear habitat by following strict guidelines that emphasize the importance of ‘leaving no trace’. We protect the bears and other wildlife by respecting the landscape and maintaining safe distances. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge loves to share this uniquely Alaskan experience with all of our guests. Call us today to make a reservation, and make sure to include time to view the amazing bears on Kodiak Island.


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