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Kodiak Alaska Fishing

kodiak alaska fishingA Kodiak Alaska fishing trip should be a trip that one will never forget. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is the perfect setting for any party looking for a trip to the wild waters of Kodiak Island. We offer Kodiak Alaska fishing packages that cannot be beat. We have the largest catch limits for Kodiak Alaska fishing. Our guests stock their freezers with bountiful amounts of King Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Silver Salmon, Yellow Eye, and Black Sea Bass. Our clients not only walk away with lasting memories, they also walk away with lasting amounts of fresh fish that can only be found in Alaskan waters. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge simply offers the best Kodiak Alaska fishing on the island.

A stay at our lodge not only includes memories, camaraderie, and fish. It also provides packages that include all the beverages, snacks, and meals one could ever need. A daily Kodiak Alaska fishing trip with our guides ends in comfort, luxury, and an icy cold beer. The waters that stretch in front of the Kodiak Sportsman’s lodge are loaded with opportunities for that catch-of-a-lifetime. Every month of the summer is the prime time to fish for a variety of different fish. If you are looking to hook a “Trophy King”, we recommend you come between the start of May through the month of June. If you want to schedule a fishing adventure in July, expect to come home with a boat load of King Salmon, Black Bass, Silver Salmon, Yellow Eye, Gray Cod, Ling Cod, and Halibut.

For those sportsmen in search of Silver Salmon with an average weight of 15 pounds, come visit us in August. This is an amazing time to enjoy the wilds of Alaska while lounging on one of our charter boats as it floats beneath the clear blue skies. With a quick 15 minute trip from the lodge, you will find yourself immersed in the most lucrative locale for trophy Silvers. Imagine catching your full limit of salmon, halibut, and other knights of the sea after just a few hours of trolling.

September at the Kodiak Sportsman’s lodge is the perfect way to end any summer. This is an excellent time for fly fishermen to take advantage of the fresh-water rivers that rush past the lodge. The saltwater that glistens in front of our lodge is packed with Silvers and, not to mention, all of the bottom fish that our boats can carry.


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