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Kodiak Alaska Fishing Lodges

kodiak alaska fishing lodgesThe best of all Kodiak Alaska fishing lodges is located in Old Harbor, Alaska. This quaint and remote Alaskan town is nestled in the rugged terrain of the southeast side of the Kodiak Island. The Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge calls Old Harbor its home. Our lodge is situated right on the very waters that were deemed the best protected fishing area. No other Kodiak Alaska fishing lodges have the world class Salmon and Halibut fishing that characterizes the waters right outside our front door. Our waters also have the most bait fish such as candlefish and herring. This makes for a lucrative selection of Ling Cod, Halibut, Silvers, and Kings that are all trophy sized and just waiting to be plucked from the water. Kodiak Alaska fishing lodges just do not get any better than Kodiak Sportsman’s lodge.

Another reason why we are the best of the Kodiak Alaska fishing lodges is the superiority and amount of our fishing boats. There are only 6 boats that are operated across the entire stretch of 30 miles of the protected waters of our area and we operate 4 of them. Our fishing is located only 3o minutes away from our docks. Our daily fishing trips not only offer the most exciting fishing experiences, but also offer views of the rare and unique wildlife of the Kodiak Island.

You can bring along 16 guests to stay at our comfortable lodge and have an Alaska fishing experience that only in a few in the world have the opportunity to enjoy. Our package includes everything that you will need and then some. These items include food and snacks, and our lodge is stocked wine and beer. We also provide the necessary weather gear as well as all the fishing gear you will need. Thus, fishermen of all levels are guaranteed to be able to enjoy our fishing trips. Most importantly, the airfare from Kodiak City to Old Harbor (round trip) is also included in our package. What a deal!

The Kodiak King Salmon Derby is very popular with our guests. In fact our client’s hold the most first prize awards in the region. Best of all, our lodge has ample places to sit back, prop your feet up, and relax after a fruitful day of fishing. Our huge fireplace is the perfect place to create those fishing tales that last a lifetime.


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